We're always interested in updating and expanding our range.  Please let us know if there is a building that you'd like to see added to our range, or one we can create specially for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you to turn your ideas into reality.

Craft products/plaques/gift ideas

Items shown below are to illustrate the type of items we are able to create.

We work with wood, MDF, plastics, card, paper, fabrics, leather.

We are not able to work with glass, ceramic, metal.

Please contact us with your ideas and requirements.

Where given, prices are approximate.

Maximum size 600 x 450mm.

Shapes, words, letters

We can cut any shape, word or letters to the size you require. Blank shapes to decorate, advertising words, individual letters, quilting templates.

Composite pictures

Cutout shapes used to create a “picture”.

Materials: Plexiglas, Wood, Card, Paper


Humorous or inspirational quotes engraved on plaques to your shape specification.

Materials: MDF, wood, card

3mm MDF A4 From ZAR40.00

3mm MDF A3 From ZAR55.00

Christmas / Seasonal ornaments

Selection of Christmas ornaments. Various available or order your own.

3mm MDF, average size approx 6 cm. ZAR5.00 each.


Create a fabulous gift by engraving a favorite photograph.

Materials: MDF, Wood, Card.

3mm MDF 9 x 13 cm Approx ZAR15.00

Engraved fabric

Engrave a design on fabric to create a unique cushion or cloth, personalize jeans.

Materials: thick fabric eg denim, canvas

Décor ideas

Speak to us to create unique, personalized decorations for your home or function

Materials: Plexiglas, Wood, Card, Paper

Paper Décor ideas

Speak to us to create unique, personalized, paper decorations for your home or function

Materials: Paper